Diversity Crisis in the Egyptian Media The Case of the Constitution between Islamic and Civil Political Parties

TitleDiversity Crisis in the Egyptian Media The Case of the Constitution between Islamic and Civil Political Parties
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)Abdelaziz, A. O.
Affiliation (1st Author)iam a prof. in Sohg University in Egypt and Iam working now as a professor in Faculty of Mass Comunication , Ahram Canadian University.
Section or WGIslam and Media Working Group
DateWed 26 June
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Time of Session14:00-15:30
Session TitleMedia Coverage of Arab Spring: Local and Global Contexts
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Diversity Crisis in the Egyptian Media The Case of the Constitution between Islamic and Civil Political Parties Prepared By: Dr. Azza Abdel Aziz Abdellah osman Professor of Mass Communication at the Ahram Canadian University Introduction: The Egyptian political arena witnessed several crises recently. The harmonic picture which the political streams were at during and after the revolution is no longer the typical case especially after the state of polarization between the both political sides with the arrival of new president who represents the Islamic parties. This caused a problem to the civil stream with its various categories, so the both powers, civil and Islamists became part of each and every political file which led to the polarization reaching its peak with the presidency issuing of the constitutional declaration on 22nd of November, 2012. Some of its articles led to the change of the general attorney and gave the president authorities that were considered unnecessary expansions by the opposing civil parties. On the other hand, the supporters considered it one of revolutions demands.Followed it with constitutional declaration which increased the intensity of the struggle between both wings till it reached the peak. That's when president Mohammed Morsy passed on the constitution to voting by Egyptian citizens. Between both the supporters and opposing, the mass media arena also witnessed a division in the media discourse towards the constitution . In this media discourse, it appeared clearly the professional flaws, bias, going away from diversity, tactical employment for one of political streams. This reflects that there is a crisis and flaw in the media treatment and this is what we are exposing in this research. Studying Problem,, This study deals with the media diversity problem which Egyptian media is suffering after the January 25th revolution. This problem has caused media chaos as there was no clear vision that would enable the media to overcome the crisis. In addition to, the observation, analysis, and explanation for the weakness, strengths, challenges that the media diversity faces. This study tries to reach an evaluation that the academic experts specialized in media has achieved for the media level of media diversity regarding its themes, information sources, religion diversity, geographic diversity, gender and ethnic diversity. Type of study and methodology: This study is a descriptive study which relies on survey method Sample of study: The study depends on a sample of academic elite specialized in media . Most important results,, This study showed that there is a diversity problem in Egyptian media. Some experts see that it is caused by the policy of owners; others believe that the real reason of this imbalance is the unprofessionalism of the Egyptian media which suffers from it. Key words: Media DiversityStruggle ProblemIslamist Political StreamCivil StreamConstitution

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