Finding New Ways for Media Education. Intergenerational Action for Inclusion and Media Literacy

TitleFinding New Ways for Media Education. Intergenerational Action for Inclusion and Media Literacy
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)Petrella, S., S. Pereira, and M. Pinto
Affiliation (1st Author)Universidade do Minho
Section or WGMedia Education Research Section
DateFri 28 June
Slot CodeMERF3a
Slot Code (Keyword)MERF3a
Time of Session14:00-15:30
Session TitleMedia literacy as a tool against poverty and for inclusion
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In the modern network society, the possibility of accessing knowledge and media skills is more and more necessary to form citizens who can act in public life as autonomous, critical and participative subjects. In an aged and affected by a profound crisis Europe, new economic, social and educative necessities are outlined and a ‘fourth world’ strongly emerges, the world of the digitally and socially excluded. In fact, in Portugal, the country where we develop our study, being one of the most aged in Europe and at the same time one of the countries more struck by the crisis, this fourth world, mostly formed by elderly people, keeps growing, showing an urgency in a new literacy process in face of the media and new practices to fight digital and social exclusion. Starting with these considerations, and accepting the media literacy as one of the enabling factors to exercise critically and actively your own citizenship, our investigation takes off. It takes place in the north of Portugal and aims to promote and at the same time analyze the intergenerational encounter around the media. Framed by an action research methodology, the study puts in the center of its own reflection/action the encounter between children and elderly, the generations made more and more distant by sociocultural and demographic transformations. The project aims the creation of spaces and reflection moments, game and knowledge sharing with and around the media. This encounter, centered in the cooperative dynamics and characterized by the bidirectionality of the symbolic exchanges, may be a precious resource for the older population, in a bigger risk of digital and social exclusion, as well as for the future citizens, children and youngsters who need more and more social and cultural skills. The action arising under the aegis of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations motto, is developed in the scope of the project EMEDUS – European Media Literacy Education Study. Therefore, aims to contribute to the creation of bridges between two areas not much connected yet, literacy and intergenerational learning, and at the same time to promote initiatives that use the media as a relational and educative resource in the combat of the intergenerational gap and the social exclusion.Media Literacy, Global Crisis, Digital and Social Exclusion, Intergenerational Learning.

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