SESSION CHAIR: "Reflecting on Communication for Development and Social Change"

TitleSESSION CHAIR: "Reflecting on Communication for Development and Social Change"
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)Dreher, T.
Affiliation (1st Chair)University of Wollongong, Australia
Section or WGCommunity Communication Section
DateSat 29 June
Slot CodeCoCS1a
Slot Code (Keyword)CoCS1a
Time of Session9:00-10:30
Session TitleReflecting on Communication for Development and Social Change

Joe Tacchi (RMIT University, Australia): Communicative Ecologies: Reflections on understanding communication in context
Lizandro Angulo Rincon (Universidad del Tolima, Colombia): Cinco estrategias para un modelo de televisión comunitaria orientado hacia el desarrollo humano: una propuesta desde la experiencia colombiana
Eronini Megwa (University of Texas, US): Media Hybridization and Development:An Exploratory Study of the Potential of Integrated Media to Extend Development Benefits to Underserved Communities in Africa
Bu Wei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): Is It an Emerging scholarship? Discussing on the Concept, Focal Questions, Strategies and challenges of the Action-oriented Communication Research
Jair Vega (Universidad del Norte, Colombia): Elementos sobre Comunicación en procesos de Cambio Social: Imaginarios, Normas Sociales, Interpelación y Movimientos Sociales

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