Special Session C) ALAIC-ECREA Roundtable 2013 “Communication, dialogue and worldwide perspectives”

TitleSpecial Session C) ALAIC-ECREA Roundtable 2013 “Communication, dialogue and worldwide perspectives”
Publication TypeConference Paper
Author(s)Jelen, A., F. O. Paulino, J. Wasko, N. Carpentier, B. César, U. Carlsson, P. H. Ang, and Z. Hu
Affiliation (1st Chair)Convenors: Fernando Oliveira Paulino (ALAIC) and Alenka Jelen (ECREA General Secretary)
Section or WGSpecial
DateThurs 27 June
Slot CodeSpecial Session
Slot Code (Keyword)Special Session
Time of Session9:00-10:30
RoomThe Theatre, Helix building
Session TitleALAIC-ECREA Roundtable 2013 “Communication, dialogue and worldwide perspectives”

ECREA and ALIAC will share this joint Special session

Latin American Communications Researchers´ Association (ALAIC) and European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) have been organizing roundtables in past IAMCR (Istanbul-2011 and Durban-2012), ALAIC (Montevideo-2012) and ECREA (Istanbul-2012) Conferences.

The taskforce intends to investigate and develop closer collaboration between both organizations, recognizing that regional diversity is a significant asset to our field, but at the same time drawing attention to the importance of avoiding counterproductive processes of intellectual isolationism or hierarchization through the organisation of creative dialogues and exchanges.

ALAIC and ECREA have been contributing to this dialogue by emphasising the regional specificity and contextual embeddedness of theories, methodologies and research traditions in Latin-America and Europe, critically comparing the strengths and weaknesses, the abundances and gaps, and then articulating these differences as opportunities for the intellectual enrichment of both academic communities.

At the 2013 IAMCR Conference, ALAIC and ECREA intend to establish an international Forum with regional researchers and associations members focusing on comparative studies. With this objective, the taskforce invited the following members from regional associations to take part in a roundtable discussion: IAMCR (Janet Wasko), ECREA (Nico Carpentier), ALAIC (César Bolaño), NORDICOM (Ulla Carlsson), AMIC (Peng Hwa Ang) and Chinese Association of Communication (Zhengrong Hu). The roundtable will point out issues that characterize a common agenda among associations and researchers.

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