About your Final Paper - FAQs

What is the deadline for full paper submissions?
The deadline is 23.00 GMT on 28th May 2013.

Where do I submit my full paper?
Full papers must be submitted to OCS. OCS is the website operated by IAMCR for abstracts and paper submissions. You can visit the OCS here: http://iamcr-ocs.org/
* Please note that Full Paper can be uploaded only by the person who submitted the Abstract *

What are the formatting guides for my paper?
The guidelines for all formatting (style, word count etc) is done on a per-section/working group basis. We suggest that you check your section/working group website for any updates. You can find your section/working group here: http://www.iamcr.org/s-wg/all

Once submitted, will the papers be available on an open/public access basis or accessible to the author only?
The papers are only visible to the heads of the section or working group in question.

Will papers be published in some way (online/offline)?
Heads of sections and working groups are invited to send papers to be published on the IAMCR website with access restricted to IAMCR members. No paper will be published without the express agreement of the authors and the section or working group head. Responsibility for this rests with the Heads and this is done shortly after the end of each conference.

Are there plans to issue a journal based on the proceedings?
No. But some Sections/WGs have their own journal or might try to use an established journal to publish a selection of papers. Authors are advised to check with the Head of their Section/WG.

Please direct any queries you have about submitting papers, formatting, styles or word count to the IAMCR page for your section/working group (link available above). The LOC do not have information about submission requirements for individual sections/working groups.

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