Rambling guide to DCU - from Dublin City Centre

From Dublin City Centre by Dublin Bus to DCU (sorry, no picture of Dublin City Centre)

Dublin Bus route 4, 9, 11 and 13 all cross the River Liffey on the O’Connell Bridge and go north through O’Connell Street. Route 4 and 9 go to Phibsborough – a bit outdated looking shopping centre on the left, apartment block and shops on the right. Then cross the canal etc. Route 11 and 13 go to Drumcondra, then turn left to join route 4 and 9 near the DCU. It’s about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the traffic, the bus turn into Ballymun Road via a little triangular one-way system: little wine shop, post office and Chinese takeaway on the right at the beginning of the two-lane each dual carriageway with tree-lined separator in the middle, then a petrol station on the left ahead.

Just before the petrol station on the left, you will see a distinctive corner house on the right, and across the road from that house is the Albert Collage Park/Hampstead Park.

DCU Ballymun entrance is two stops after this junction on the right and petrol station on the left. Or hop off here, cross the road at your own risk and go through Albert College Park.

Dublin Bus STOP NO.4680 is the DCU Ballymun Entrance, across the road, Pelican crossing.
Go straight, on the right is the Albert College Park. Straight until you see the Campus Map, consult it.

The trees look different now, but you get general idea, hopefully :)
If you are looking for the Campus Accommodation buildings, go straight at the map/square, the road turns slightly to the right, and go though the DCU Sports building - Summer Accomodation reception is in it.
If you turn left there and go straight, you will see Car Park 2 in front with small roundabout, and on the right is the Henry Grattan building. Just before that, if you turn right, the main restaurant on the right.

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